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December 18, 2010
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
(In her living room, Elise drinks some hot choco and looks at the clock)

Elise: She should be here any second now. (Suddenly hears roaring rocket engines) Yes, she's here!

(Elise goes outside and sees a spaceship piloted by Samus)

Samus: (Boards off the ship) Elise, are you ready?

Elise: You bet. Is the guy ready?

Samus: He better be. (Giggles) Cause we're going to have fun with him regardless.

(Samus and Elise go into the house, then Samus puts a box on the table, opens it, and reveals a little guy codenamed:R, who was sleeping from the long trip)

Elise: How did you get him to be so small? Did you shoot him with a shrink raygun no.

Samus: No, I used a shrink cannon, it makes the effect last longer. So lets play rock paper scissors to see who sits on him first.

(Samus & Elise play the game and Elise wins)

Elise: Yes! My turn! (Turns her back to R) Bombs away!

R: (Feels the pressure of Elise's buttt on him, which wakes him up) What the? Where am I? (In pain) Why is there a butt on me?

(Elise farts on R)

Elise: For a little guy, you sure ask awfully big questions.

R: Samus, you told me that was being shrunk for a special ops mission.

Samus: You do have a mission! (Sits on R and wiggles her big, round butt) Your mission is to last long enough....(Lets out 4 loud farts) while we have fun with you!

Elise: My turn. (Sits back on R) I got a bit of gas in me, so you might want to brace yoursef!

(Elise lets out 20 long and loud farts)

Samus: Elise, quit hogging R!

R: (Begining to feel dizzy from the farts) You know...I this maybe the gas talking, but I'm begining to enjoy this.

Samus: (Scoots over next to Elise) Boy, you really need to watch just what you say! 1..

Elise: 2...

Both: 3 (The two let out a thousand farts, and the thousandth being as massive as a mini nuclear explosion)

R: that all you got? I can take it! I can take anything- (Lose consciousness)

Elise: Darn! Should we keep farting.

Samus: Yeah! I've been on 5 missions without a single break. I deserve this. He'll wake up eventually.

(Samus and Elise continue to fart on R, not caring if he woke up or not for the rest of the night).

Elise: My turn
This request is for :iconrandom4811:.
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adeojo16 Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
>_< KOOL...
That was a pretty awesome story, Nazaru.
Great story!
Well that was a fun read. :D
Check out the story he did for me.
Sure thing, dude. :D
Random4811 Dec 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks =D I liked it
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