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May 27, 2011
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

(While in cyberspace, Kara is practicing flying techniques by flying through electrified rings)

Kara: Great job Rodan, now hit that target with a fireball! (Rodan fires and the fireball hits the target) Wahoooooo!

(Rodan is suddenly hit by a rainbow colored beam, does an air recorvery and spots MechaGodzilla)

Kara: What is that thing? Is that mechanical Godzilla?

Jin: (Opens his window screen) Attention player, you're in violation of code 1956 of cyberspace law, having your monster out in cyberspace. Cease now or face the consequences!

Kara: Thats not fair! We haven't done anything wrong! Me and Rodan refuse to leave.

Jin: So be it. MechaGodzilla, Arc cannon! (MechaGodzilla opens up his chest, reveals a cannon and fires lightning, but Rodan Easily dodges) Hmmm. Slippery one. Fly.

(MechaGodzilla fires his rocket powered feet and pursues Rodan)

Kara: Fool, you'll never catch up to Rodan! She can fly at a speed of Mach 3! And- (Sees MechaGodzilla fly next to Rodan, then passes her to come in front of her) But, but-

Jin: While MechaGodzilla is slow on land, in the air, it can fly at a speed of Mach 5. I'm afraid this game is over (MechaGodzilla spins it hand then bombards Rodan with spiraling missles, which defeat Rodan)

Kara: Rodan! You, bastard! You had no right to do that.

Jin: I had every right. Here the Mecha Defense Force is law. I suggest obeying us next time! (MechaGodzilla flies away) Incredible, since  MechaGodzilla was brought online it has neutralized all deviants of the law and any potential threats. As long as this technological marvel is at my side, no one will stop me from establishing order and security.

Kara: (Unplugs her Kaiju gear from her computer and goes to her hover scooter to  Team Earth Defender's hangout) Hey guys. You won't believe what just happen to me.

Roozu: A robotic Godzilla encountered your monster and beat you up?

Kara: Umm...yeah. How did you know?

Vince: It happened to everyone. Just look at Anguirus! (Kara sees Anguirus with his lower jaw missing) Eeeek! You too, Jaustin?  (Jaustin is too busy looking at Godzilla's wounds to notice Kara's words) Jaustin.

Roozu: So how do we beat this "MechaGodzilla"?

Vince: We can team up against it, just like we did against King Ghidorah!

Kara: I don't think it'll work, that machine is too heavily armed with weapons. Jin probably prepared for multiple foes attacking him at once. Makes him a better law enforcer.

Jaustin: What about... a magnet?

Roozu: Magnet?

Jaustin: The thing is made of metal isn't it? So if one of us used magnetism, MechaGodzilla will be immobilized. One of us can take it down!

Kara: Thats a great idea, does anyone have magnetism card?

Vince: (Search his Kaiju gear) I got one, but Anguirus is too injured to go fight.

Roozu: I'm to frightened for Mothra's safety to go again.

Jaustin: I'll go. I'll take MechaGodzilla one on one.

Vince: Alright I'm sending you the card now.

Kara: I'll send my ultra speed card to you too! That should give you a better chance.

Jaustin: Great, now its just a matter of finding Jin.

Vince: That should be easy, he's probably in cyberspace.

Jaustin: (Hears his gear beep and shows Godzilla has fully recovered) Then thats where I am going.

Vince: One more thin. MechaGodzilla ripped my monster's jaw in half. Promise you'll rip its head off!

Jaustin: Hmph! You got it, Vince!

(Back in cyberspace, MechaGodzilla is continuing its patrol, and spots a lion like monster triumphing over a scorpion)

Jin: More monsters violating the law, an enforcer's work is never done. Prepare for battle, MechaGodzilla!

Kenii: (Watches over his triumphant lion like monster) Well done, King Caesar!  Your triumph was a glorious one, return my friend and rest.

(King Caesar disappears, but MechaGodzilla arrives)

Jin: Attention player, you're in violation of code 1974, having a monster battle in cyberspace! Cease now or face the consequences!

Kenii: I will stop my affairs good sir, if you can defeat my monster in fair combat.

Jin: be it. Choose your field.

Kenii: The sacred temple.

(The field changes to a traditional Japanese temple)

Jin: (Searches the area and can't find King Caesar) Where is your monster.

Kenii: King Caesar is rejuvenating himself. He'll face you when he is ready!

Jin: Trying to bide time. I'm afraid your efforts will be for naught. MechaGodzilla destroy King Caesar while he's sleeping!

(MechaGodzilla screeches in acknowledgement and starts to destroy the landscape)

Kenii: I just need 1 minute. Please, God. Give Caesar 60 seconds to rest!

(Back in cyberspace Godzilla is still searching for MechaGodzilla and spots the portal with MechaGodzilla inside it)

Jaustin: Good work, Godzilla! Now I'll just equip the ultra speed card and magnetism card to you. (Once Godzilla is powered by the magnetism card, lightning starts bombarding Godzilla) Oh no! Godzilla is vulnerable to lightning, huh? (Sees Godzilla's health bar hasn't decrease and Godzilla advances into the portal and into the water) Guess I was worried over nothing.

Jin: (Watches MechaGodzilla destroying more of the area) This is getting absurd. Where is your monster? Tell me!

Kenii: Looks at his computer's clock) Oh you'll find out! I'm about to summon him!

(King Caesar's ruby eyes light up and emerges from an explosion his cave, releasing his mighty roar)

Kenii: King Caesar, go!

(MechaGodzilla fires its moonbeam, but it is absorbed into Caesar's left eye and reflected out his right, doing noticeble damage to MechaGodzilla)

Jin: What the Hell?

(King Caesar charges at MechaGodzilla, but it counters him and he falls to the ground)

Kenii: We won't go down so easily!

Jin: Silence, dregg!

(MechaGodzilla fires its moonbeam again, but Caesar deflects it again, and tackles the cyborg)

Kenii: Ha! You were foolish to challenge us, foe.

Jin: You're really becoming quite a nuissance. MechaGodzilla, hand to hand combat now!

(MechaGodzilla attempts to do a karate chop, but Caesar catches its arm and flips the robot to the ground, and begins to pounce and pummel MechaGodzilla before it slaps Caesar off)

Kenii: (King Caesar absorbs another moonbeam) This again? You're incredibly dense.

(King Caesar redirects the moonbeam, but MechaGodzilla dodges it)

Jin: No more games, MechaGodzilla! Finish him! (MechaGodzilla slowly raises its hands and shoots it spiral missles, which explode on contact with Caesar) Hahahahahahahahaha!Mechagodzilla  is able to increase the velocity of its finger missiles by rapidly rotating its hands! (Continues to maniacally laugh)

(King Caesar runs behind a mountain, but MechaGodzilla cuts it half with its arc cannon, proceeds to repatedly hit King Caesar with a rapid, flurry of punches, and finally firing its finger missles to cause Caesar to fall into a ditch)

Kenii: King Caesar!

Jin: Low life!

(MechaGodzilla punt kicks King Caesar, but Caesar still gets up)

Jin: Enough fooling around, finish him!

(MechaGodzilla repeatedly slaps Caesar's face,  karate chops him, then toss him back into the ditch)

Jin: Well done, MechaGodzilla. Now for the final blow!

(MechaGodzilla slowly aims its finger missles, but Jin and MechaGodzilla see some bubbling in the sea)

Jin: What the....? Whats going on? (The bubbling sea starts to show blue sparks and Godzilla surfaces) What? Godzilla is back? But no one can recover that fast! Not from MechaGodzilla!

Jaustin: Hey there! You look like you could use some help!

Kenii: Thank you, stranger I'm in your debt! Just hold that machine off until Caesar can get up.

Jaustin: Right! Godzilla, takedown MechaGodzilla!

(Godzilla roars and charges at MechaGodzilla)

Jin: Fool! Have you forgotten what MechaGodzilla did to Godzilla last time? Here's a reminder! (MechaGodzilla fires its  moonbeam, but Godzilla quickly evades it and tackles MechaGodzilla down) This is absurd, Godzilla was nowhere near that fast when we last fought!

Jaustin: You can't contend with my Godzilla at hand to hand, Jin! I know its flaw!

Jin: Flaw? Lies, MechaGodzilla is pure perfection!

Jaustin: You're in denial. During our first battle, I noticed MechaGodzilla had a 1.5 second delay when you asked it to attack Godzilla physically. And plus...its not as strong as Godzilla.

Jin: Damn it. (Sees King Caesar right behind MechaGodzilla) Hmph! 2 against 1 eh? Regardless of these surprise tactics, this battle is still within manageable paramiters. MechaGodzilla, dual fight mode!

(MechaGodzilla turns its head behind towards King Caesar and fires its moonbeam at Caesar while simultaneously firing its feet missles at Godzilla)

Jaustin: Godzilla, keep going! (Godzilla goes to MechaGodzilla, and inspite of being hit by its missles, he manages to hit it's neck with his atomic breath) Yes!

Jin: (MechaGodzilla's head starts spinning rapidly and forms a barrier) I made some upgrades since our last fight! This is one of them! (Godzilla fires his atomic breath at the barrier, but it does nothing, then he tries to claw at, only to have his hands get singed and fall down) Serves you right.

(MechaGodzilla then fires its missles from its fingers, knees, toes, and throat at Godzilla, all of which pierce Godzilla's hide and cause him to severely bleed)

Jaustin: This is bad, only one choice! Godzilla, use your new power now!

(Godzilla unleashes his new magnetic powers and remove the missles)

Jin: Magnetism, but how? No time to ponder. MechaGodzilla retreat immediately!

(MechaGodzilla tries to fly away, but it can't escape the magnetic force and finds itself in the mercy of Godzilla's clutches)

Jaustin: Gotcha! King Caesar attack now!

Kenii: You heard him Caesar! (King Caesar repeatedly headbutts MechaGodzilla, then Godzilla turns MechaGodzilla's head counterclockwise and rips it off) Did we win?

Jin: No, idiots. You just signed your monster's death warrants! (Jin presses a button on his Kaiju gear) The fight is mine!

(The smoke clears and MechaGodzilla's head is replaced with an atennae device, which fires a powerful laser at King Caesar, knocking the beast out, then fires the laser at Godzilla, and causes him to fall down)

Jin: Little punk! Your Godzilla maybe strong (Charges beam), but he's still just a stupid animal!

Jaustin: Shut up.

Jin: What?

Jaustin: Shut up! Don't you dare talk that way about Godzilla! Godzilla, full powered Atomic Breath now!

(Godzilla and MechaGodzilla's attacks collide, but Godzilla manages to overpower MechaGodzilla and destroy the brain inside its throat, causing MechaGodzilla to become immobile)

Jin: No, no. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Jaustin: Godzilla, finish it!

(Godzilla approaches MechaGodzilla's motionless body, and tears it into a hundred pieces)

Jin: Impossible, my MechaGodzilla defeated.

Jaustin: This happened because you abused your authority, Jin. You tried to prevent any threat from attacking the net, that you resorted to even attacking the innocent. If you want to make this place more secure and orderly, then learn to use your position responsibly and help those in need.

Jin: Use your position responsibly and help those in need? Maybe I will try it your way. But I still intend to even the score. You just made a rival out of us.

(Jin teleports MechaGodzilla's parts and leaves)

Kenii: (Sees Caesar get and shakes hands with Godzilla) Thank you my friend. You trully helped us in our time of need. How can we ever repay you?

Jaustin: Well...I do know one way.
After their fight with the metal doppleganger, MechaGodzilla, Jaustin and Godzilla are prepared to do anything to get even. All monsters belong to Toho. King Caesar's theme: [link]
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Glad you like it.
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