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May 2, 2011
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(Contains: strong language)

Exiting from his long limo, Xander returns home from the tournament, walking great disappointment)

Xander: (Sees his little brother at the door of their mansion) Tomu, what are you doing out here?

Tomu: I wanted to congratulate you on your victory.

Xander: What victory? (Goes inside)

Tomu: Xander?

Xander: (Walks with Tomu down the hall) There's no point in calling something victory if you don't defeat an opponent? (Smashes a vase into a wall) That place was full of nothing but spineless coward! Just once, I want to fight a worthy opponent!

Tomu: Don't worry, brother. You'll find your ultimate foe. Anyway, I was wondering if I could have your King Ghidorah program. You said on the news you weren't going to use it!

Xander: (Looks at his brother, then gives a little smirk) Take it, do what you will. Just remember one thing.

Tomu: Eh?

Xander: (Gives Tomu a frightening glare) Don't lose! Don't you ever lose!

(Tomu leaves and another guy comes inside the room)

Jin: Here it is Xander, my letter of resignation.

Xander: Hmph. So you're finally leaving Team Xilien. Tell me, what will you do now?

Jin: Well I plan on doing 2 things. 1 is to revolutionize the Kaiju rules and gameplay. While in cyberspace, the battles are too chaotic and if left unchecked, they could do some harm to the main system and cause problems in the real world. My new system will create some order in these games. 2nd I plan to form my own team.

Xander: (Drinks root beer) Is that so? And the name is?

Jin: Team...

(At the school Jaustin and his 2 friends walk to the exit)

Jausitn: Oh my God, I really hope I passed that math exam! I can't afford to repeat senior year of high school!

Kara: Why are you so worked up over math?

Vince: Math isn't what you would call Jaustin's strong suit. Been that way ever since 4th grade!

Jaustin: It's just that they have so many confusing systems! Ah why can't it be as simple as science class?

Kara: Well if you do have to repeat the class, I'd be happy to tutor you.

Jaustin: Wow, that's generous. I guess you're not as annoyingly cocky as I thought.

(Kara blushes at Jaustin's compliment, but suddenly hears a girl's screaming)

Roozu: (Banging her fist on Tomu's chest) You monster! You ruined our family's home!

Tomu: (Shoves Roozu to the ground) Shut up! I don't have time to deal with whiney little girls.

Vince: Hey, what's going on?

Tomu: This girl won't stop bugging me about her home!

Roozu: This meanie wants to tear down my family's land to build some arcade!

Kara: An arcade? You can't do that, this is where people live!

Tomu :( Holds up a deed) This says otherwise!

Jaustin: Shoot! This is really bad!

Tomu: (Snickers) So you see, I'm free to do what I please with her home, and build my arcade. And none of you can do anything about it!

Jaustin: Yes we can! We'll challenge you to a Kaiju battle! We win; you give up tearing their home up.

Tomu: Pass. However, I might consider buying her a new and better home, if you all fight me! 4 vs. 1!

Roozu: You want us to take you on at once?

Vince: We accept your terms!

Tomu: Excellent! (Gets in his limo) We'll meet in the arcade tomorrow at 3 pm.

Jaustin: Vince, why did you agree to that?

Kara: That was very stupid! You even dumber than I thought!

Vince: What are you talking about? Its 4 against 1. We can't lose with Godzilla's powers, Rodan's speed, Anguirus' defense, and ...say what's the other girl's monster?

Roozu: Oh, my name is Roozu. I wanted to thank you for coming to my aid. And the name of my Kaiju is....Mothra!

Vince: (Burst into laughter) A moth? That's the least threatening monster I've heard of!

(Roozu kicks Vince in the nuts)

Jaustin: Well I trust that your Kaiju will be able to help. Let's just all meet at the arcade tomorrow.

Kara: Can you tell us where it is, Roozu?

Roozu: Its just 10 miles west from this school! I'll see you guys later!

(Roozu leaps into the air and jumps from tree to tree)

Vince: That girl is a freak!

Kara: You're just saying that because she hit you in the balls.

(The next day, Jaustin is waiting in math class)

Jaustin: That guy, he seemed so confident that he could take on 4 monsters at once. What kind of beast does he have?

Math teacher: Jaustin!

Jaustin: Huh? Teacher!

Math teacher: I was just telling you got a 94 on the final math exam. You can go to the next grade now! Looks like God is watching over you!

Jaustin: I pass? ....I pass! I pass!

(Later Jaustin, Vince, Kara, and Roozu arrive at the arcade and get ready for the match)

Tomu: Good, you all came! Now let the slaughter begin!

Jaustin: Game set. Uploading Godzilla!

Kara: Engage, Rodan!

Vince: Summoning...Anguirus!

Roozu: Mothra, come out!

(All the monsters appear on the field, and Vince sees Mothra as a larva)

Vince: A larva? I thought you said that was a moth!

Roozu:  Hehehe!

Tomu: Hmm. Interesting monsters! But can they beat this? Descend, King Ghidorah!

Vince: Aaaaaaaah!  Did he just say King Ghidorah?

(King Ghidorah appears in digital sky and lands before Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, and Mothra, then releases its roar from all 3 heads)

Kara: It really is him! The Golden Tyrant: King Ghidorah. But that's Xander's former monster!

Tomu: And now it's mine, courtesy of my big brother! King Ghidorah use Hurricane fury!

(King Ghidorah flaps his wings and causes massive hurricane winds, while the other monsters try to hold their ground)

Kara:  I'll handle this! Rodan, soar and use Uranium beam!

(Rodan flies upward)

Tomu: No you don't! Ghidorah, pursue! (King Ghidorah catches up to Rodan and pummels her with several kicks, causing Rodan to fall to the ground) Whose next?

Jaustin: We are! Godzilla hand to hand combat!

(Godzilla Charges at King Ghidorah and manages to grab his heads)

Tomu: Why you...;rotten scumbag! King Ghidorah, activate your special ability, Gravity Beam!

(King Ghidorah shoots lightning like beams at Godzilla, causing Godzilla to be lifted up and slammed into several buildings)

Jaustin: Godzilla!

Tomu (Maniacally laughs) It would appear that your monster is weak against lightning attacks, considering Gravity beam is doing this much damage to him!

Jaustin: Godzilla, use regeneration!

(Godzilla tries to heal himself, but King Ghidorah continues to harm him with his Gravity Beam)
Vince:  Hey new girl, do something to help while I go after Ghidorah!

Roozu: Right! Mothra, web shot! (Mothra covers King Ghidorah in web, causing the gravity beam to stop)

Tomu: Hey that's cheating! It wasn't your turn!

Vince: Neither was this! (Anguirus slams its spiky back on to King Ghidorah's chest and causes him to fall) Direct hit!

Roozu: Now's my chance to show Mothra's true power. Mothra, transform!
(Mothra covers itself in silk and becomes a cocoon)

Vince: What the fuck do you think you're doing?

(Suddenly King Ghidorah grabs Anguirus by the jaws with its talons and swirls him around in the air)

Tomu: No one does this to my monster and gets away with it!

(King Ghidorah then tosses Anguirus into three buildings, then repeatedly slams on top of him)

Roozu: Come on Mothra!

Tomu: King Ghidorah finish that beast off with Gravity-(Suddenly King Ghidorah is surrounded by green mist) What the Hell?

Kara: Rodan, Uranium Beam!

(King Ghidorah is struck down by Rodan's attack)
Tomu: You....!
Kara: Ha! My radiation mist blinds enemies. Now Rodan, do an Air slam!

(Rodan slams into King Ghidorah and scratches one of its heads)

Tom: Now I'm angry! I activate the stun beam card! (Rodan is paralyzed by beams from Ghidorah's mouth) King Ghidorah, use life drain!

(King Ghidorah grabs Rodan with his heads and sucks the health out of Rodan)

Kara: No!

Tomu:  Serves you right!

Jaustin: Godzilla, Atomic Breath, full power!

(Godzilla shoots his Atomic breath at King Ghidorah and decapitates its middle head)

Tomu: You bastard! Look what you've done! That tears it! King Ghidorah, full power Gravity Beam!

(King Ghidorah charges his beam, but he's paralyzed by an adult Mothra's poison powder)

Roozu: Yay! Mothra's here! Now use lightning beam!

(Mothra uses her attack and causes King Ghidorah to fall down)

Vince: Payback time!

Kara: yeah!

Everyone: Attack!

(Godzilla pummels the right head with his fist, Rodan rips off King Ghidorah's wings off , and Anguirus chokes the last head with his foot)

Tomu: (Sees King Ghidorah Health reach 0) Impossible, I lost!

Jaustin: We won! Now do what you promised.

Tomu: (Writes a check and throws it to Roozu and runs away) Damn those guys! I'll get back at them somehow!

Jin: You won't be able to with your current skills.

Tomu: Jin?

Jin: And with your loss, Xander won't help you. But I can! How would you like to join Team Mecha Defense Force?

(On the otherside of the arcade Roozu shows her graditude)

Roozu: Thank you for your assistance! (Bows down) How can I ever repay you?

Kara: Well we are forming a team, so how about joining us.

Roozu: Really? Hmm. Ok.

Jaustin: Welcome to....ugh... Damn it we still don't have a name!

Roozu: I have one. How about Team Earth Defenders?

Vince: Doesn't sound half bad.

Kara: I'm ok with it.

Jaustin: Alright, we're Team Earth Defenders!
This chapter has 5 new characters: 2 good, and 3 bad. This is the most epic fight so far! :iconwhiplashplz: I hope you're ready! All mosnters belong to Toho. Mothra's theme: [link] King Ghidorah's theme: [link] . I'm open to suggestions on the next monster(s)
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Flashshadow Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Mechagodzilla. And then make a grand comeback after training and learning a new technique. :D
Shikeiru Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
To SpaceGodzilla or Mechagodzilla?
Flashshadow Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
True. But wouldn't Godzilla have to loose right afterwards? :?
Shikeiru Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Now how about Xander and his team. Since Jin defected, he's short one member, and we don't know which monster he's using until he makes SpaceGodzilla. Also I think MechaGodzilla should fight Anguirus first, to stick with tradition and to see his ass get kicked.
Flashshadow Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Sounds good. :nod:
Shikeiru Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
That would make sense. I'd say go for the Gotengo. It would give the fans a break from pure monster fights, and see the new security system kicking in whenever monsters are causing too much destruction.
Flashshadow Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Let's see... Mecha Godzilla was made purely to fight/destroy Godzilla. So first they had to collect data on Jaustin's recent battle strategies as well as Godzilla's abilities. Mecha Gozilla can be a synthetic prototype program and as a field test they send someone to take on Jaustin and Godzilla in a one-on-one battle.
Shikeiru Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Flashshadow Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
You mean, how he will get MechaGodzilla?
Shikeiru Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Then let me ask you this? Since we know Jin's monster is going to be MechaGodzilla. So how do you think he'll come to be? And how will we see Mechagodzilla get his 2 upgrades (3 if you include Super MechaGodzilla).
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