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(Inside Capsule Corp, the corporation of the Briefs family, Bulma Briefs invites her husband, Vegeta, and dear friend Goku to the lower levels of the building)

Bulma: Thanks for coming, you two. I've been giving this some thought. With you guys having to fight ridiculously strong opponents like Majin Buu, Golden Frieza, and Lord Beerus. It seems of late we've been meeting opponents that tend to be almost more than we can handle.

Goku: (Chuckles) Oh Bulma. Sure we've been battling powerful foes, but that's why we train a lot. With the training we get from Whis and our mastered Super Saiyan God power, we can tackle anything.

Bulma: But we should try to have a back up plan. If you two challenge someone and lose, there's good chance Earth would be doomed. I know this might sound like a lot to ask, but I think we might need some extra help. One that's actually just as strong you two. If you're willing I'll take your DNA samples and make a clone.

(Goku and Vegeta have a shocked face on them)

Goku: What? A clone?

Vegeta: You can't be serious! You honestly think I'd agree to something like that? Besides we already had issues with clones when we fought Cell.

Bulma: Do you really think I'd create a monster like Cell? Besides, a lot of us are getting older. Sure you Saiyans don't age, but the same can't be said for the likes Krillin, Tien, and the others. Most of them are trying to move on from fighting and live normal lives.

Goku: Well if that's the case, we can just leave it to a new generation of strong fighters. They can keep the Earth is safe.

Bulma: I want to put my faith in them, but part of me likes to have more reassurance than that. This is the best way I know how.

(Goku pats Bulma on the shoulder)

Goku: I'm not too sure about this, but if you think its best we'll try. Right, Vegeta?

Vegeta: (Scoffs) If it'll end this matter fine.

Bulma: Ok. (Grabs a testing tube) Now how do we get the samples from you. (Vegeta puts the tube in his hand and prepares to spit) Don't spit in it. (Bulma tries to pluck a piece of their hair but it's too hard for her) Damn it!

(Goku and Vegeta then pluck their hair and put it into the tube)

Vegeta: Ok. So what now?

Bulma: Now I place in the hair into this machine. (Bulma places the 2 hair samples into an advanced machine) This will basically be used to make your clone. It may take quite a number of years before he'll finished.

Goku: Really? Darn. I was hoping to see just how much of a great fighter he'll be.

Vegeta: I have to admit that I'm actually in agreement with Kakarot.

Bulma: Now I just need to set up an accelerated age procedure.

Goku: Wait, Bulma. Could you not do that? (Bulma looks confused) I don't think we should force him to grow up too fast. It pretty much defeats the purpose of living life and growing from it.

Bulma: (Smiles) Fine, Goku. I'll drop it. Now we should probably name him. Any thoughts?

(Goku ponders for a moment but can't think of a good name)

Vegeta: We can call him Trunks Jr.

Bulma: Really put a lot thought into that, Vegeta. All right we'll go with it. (Gets out her chair) Now come this way, I need your help for how he'll be readied.

(30 years later, we see a young Saiyan boy with spiky black hair and unusual gold eyes, of the age of 10 doing pushups with a single hand)

Trunks Jr: 7998, 7999, 8000, 8001- (A computer starts beeping) Huh?

(Trunks Jr presses a button and screen shows a young girl who resembles Bulma, her daughter Bulla)

Bulla: Good Morning, Trunks Jr! Its time for you start your training. (Trunks Jr walks to where Bulla is and she starts up a simulation machine) Ok. So lets try something involving group fights. What about fighting the Ginyu Force?

Trunks Jr: No. I think we should try something a little more challenging. Let's try having me fighting a bunch of Cell Jrs.

Bulla: Sure thing. (Presses a red button and steps out the room) Best of luck.

(The empty room transform into a field and Trunks Jr finds himself surrounded by multiple copies of Cell Jr)

Trunks Jr: All right!

Cell Jrs: Gegege...yah!

(Trunks Jr clashes with the swarm of Cell Jrs, but he effortlessly dodges and blocks their attacks)

Trunks Jr: Come on! At least try to make this fun. (Trunks Jr vanishes, appears behind a Cell Jr, chops it by the head and causes him to collide with another into a mountain and they explode) Next?

(3 Cell Jrs  grab him, while a fourth one places his fingers on his forehead)

Cell Jr: Special Beam Cannon!

(The little imp fires the spiral energy blast and after the dust settles, both the Cell Jrs and Trunks Jr aren't present, then 2 Cell Jrs fall to where the fourth is, and the one still on Trunks Jr gets destroyed by a ki blasts)

Trunks Jr: (Charges 5 balls of light on his finger tips) Split Finger Shot! (Five small beams destroys the 2 injured Cell Jrs and the young Saiyan slowly descends to confront the last one) Nice job ganging up on me. If it had hit me you might have stunned me for a while. But you'll have to be more creative.

(The Cell Jr gets frustrated, then places his hands together and charges a blue beam)

Trunks Jr: Oh? You want to try that? Ok.

(Trunks Jr does the same)

Trunks Jr & Cell Jr: Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!

(The 2 powerful ki blasts collide with each other, struggling for dominance)

Trunks Jr: This is it? That's your best? Guess there's no point dragging this any longer. Haaaaaaaaaa!

(Trunks Jr's Kamehameha quickly overpowers Cell Jr's and destroys him, leaving on a large crater that fades as the simulation ends, and the computer clocks the time at 1:45)

Bulla: (Comes back into the room) A minute and 45 seconds, huh?

Trunks Jr: (Puts his arm behind his head) Yeah that's slower than my last record. Guess that's what I get for toying around.

Bulla: Well you must be hungry. How about some ice cream?

Trunks Jr: (Trunks Jr gets extremely excited) Ice cream!

(The 2 eat some vanilla ice cream together)

Bulla: How are you enjoying it?

Trunks Jr: Its great. Where did you get it?

Bulla: I got it from a parlor a few miles north.

Trunks Jr: Really? Maybe we can go their together.

Bulla: (Has a shocked face on her) I don't think that's a good idea. (Laughs awkwardly) You're probably very busy with all the training you do. You should probably just leave things like that to me! (Bulla quickly zips out of the room) Sorry, brother, but I don't think that people are ready for someone like you.

Trunks Jr: (Stares at the city from a window) Why doesn't Bulla want me to go anywhere outside? I've been here my whole life without seeing what its like out there. (Opens the window) Well! (Jumps and free falls) Its time I saw the world for myself.

Dragonball Chronicles The Tale of Trunks Jr Part 1
As you may or may not know I decided to reboot the Trunks Jr story to be in the same continuity as Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods and Revival of Frieza (So no more GT). This also gives me a chance to explore and develop new things about his character. But don't worry, while there might be changes, some things that you guys loved will remain.

Godzilla X Writer's Block Artjam Winner

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 1:40 PM

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been as active on this site as usual. Its just with College, trying to find a job, and doing things on youtube. I've been spread rather thin. I will try to do more stuff on here in the future. Currently I've been trying to come up with ideas for the next chapters of Godzilla X, but I've been having writer's block haven't had any inspiration for it. So some suggestions would be nice (You should probably read the previous chapters before offering ideas) I'm also trying to do the concept of the Dragonball Trunks Jr reboot that will lead to the much request Trunks Jr vs Nazaru fight but you guys have to be patient.

And as for the last artjam, which was quite a while ago. I decided that :iconFlashshadow has won since he did multiple pics with my character Trunks Jr. As promised his OC will be in the Trunks Jr reboot when I do it.

Eproctophile Stamp by Ubiquitous101Verona Stamp by DarkFacedStrangerLydia FTW by Tsaalyo:thumb270696094:Christian but not insane by Lizzie-DoodleI Love My PS3 Stamp by angelslainDark Brotherhood - Gabriella Stamp by VirulentRequiem<da:thumb id="469350614"/>


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Just realized I've been on this site for 5 years! Hooray for me!
Thu Aug 15, 2013, 7:23 PM
Cheers for the :+fav: mate!
Fri May 24, 2013, 11:43 PM
hello! i really like your godzilla X and hope it continues, if not, that's cool!
Sat Feb 23, 2013, 3:13 PM
im a big fan of all your fart art work and even your Blackarachnia Farting request its just like wow. the names loanskunk im a ware-skunk and you are
Wed Jan 23, 2013, 2:36 PM
PS I Have no points I wish i did
Mon Oct 22, 2012, 7:42 PM
I don't want to be rude but for my brithday (Jan 3) can you do a zero suit samus farting story i really want to see that (PS I have Aserbgers syndrome)
Mon Oct 22, 2012, 7:41 PM
thanks bro for the fav!
Sun Mar 4, 2012, 10:12 AM
thanks for dat fav!
Wed Jan 11, 2012, 1:32 PM
here is one or Ria [link]
Fri Jan 6, 2012, 7:12 AM
I just realized I hit 60,000 views!
Sat Dec 3, 2011, 8:10 PM

I got 100,000+ Views, how should I celebrate? 

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