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(Walking down lit hallways of the royal palace in the Shadow realm, the Shadow King, Nazaru visits his queen, Ty Lee, lying in her bed)

Nazaru: (Stares at a bandaged Ty Lee)Good evening, Ty Lee? (Kisses her on the cheek) I trust your recovery is proceeding well?

Ty Lee: Yeah. I think I'll be all better by tomorrow.

Nazaru: Excellent. Well if you don't need anything, I'll return to my sisters to carry out our-

Ty Lee: Nazi Pooh! Wait! Would you do something for me?

Nazaru: A favor? Very well. What is it? Everlasting beauty, wealth, immortality....?

Ty Lee: I want you to go shopping with me.

Nazaru: So are you sure you want to be immort- Wait. What did you say?

Ty Lee: (Holds Nazaru) Come on. It'll be fun. We can buy jewels, get massages, try drinks. I can even paint your mask and -

Nazaru: (Shouts) Enough! If it will get you to stop talking about it then fine.

Ty Lee: Thank you.

Nazaru: Now get some rest. I need to go and ease my thoughts.

(Ty Lee chuckles at Nazaru's response, the next day Ty Lee took Nazaru to a large shopping area in the fire nation, with Nazaru disguising himself from others as a hooded man to keep humans from noticing him)

Ty Lee: (Trying on various necklace) Hmm...which one do you think looks best on me? I like this silver and sapphire necklace, but this gold one would go well with the earrings with pink jewelry.

Nazaru: (Disinterested tone) It makes no difference to me. If you can't decide then buy both.

Ty Lee: Alright. But could you at least act a little bit excited about this?

Nazaru: What for?

Ty Lee: Well if you do this for me, I'll do something special for you later tonight. (Winks)Deal?

Nazaru: (Ponders for a moment) Very well. Where to now?

Ty Lee: Carrying some of this stuff is getting hard. Let's get me a massage.

(Nazaru and Ty Lee walk together, while 2 shady people catch glimpse of them and the jewelry they bought)

Thief 1: Well look at that. Those are some fine looking jewelry.

Thief 2: Judging by those clothes, I'd say she must be a noble. Which means we'll get a big score from her.

(The thieves start sneaking in multiple spots behind Ty Lee and Nazaru, one of them starts to snatch the jewels from Ty Lee, but Nazaru spots him, and in response waves his hand to make objects fall on him)

Thief 2: (Sees Ty Lee and Nazaru staring at him) Oh I'm so sorry. I really should be more careful. (Grabs a towel from his pocket to wipe up the mess) You won't tell my boss about this? I'd be in so much trouble if he found out.

Ty Lee: Don't worry. We won't tell anyone.

(The thief backs away slowly, but runs after seeing Nazaru's terrifying orange eyes)

Thief 1: What happened back there?

Thief 2: I don't know. I was sure to be careful. And I don't recall bumping into anything. It's almost like those stuff fell on their own.

Thief 1: Stop being stupid. I'll take care of it next time.

(Meanwhile Ty Lee is getting massaged by a lady)

Ty Lee: Lower, lower, lower...(the lady starts rubbing her lower spine) Aww. These are nice pillows. I've got to know where you get them. They'd be great for my bedroom.

(Behind the door, Nazaru stands next to Ty Lee's items, and senses the next thief hiding behind a column and waiting to steal from Ty Lee)

Nazaru: Another fool. (Nazaru uses telekinesis to have a bunch of glass objects fall on the thief, causing the shards to pierce the thief's leg and making him limp away) To try this twice...they must be insane.

Ty Lee: (Sighs) That felt so good. (Sees the glass shards) Huh? Nazi Pooh, what happened?

Nazaru: Come along, Ty Lee. We have a few things to discuss.

(Nazaru takes Ty Lee to a safe corner and explains her dilemma)

Ty Lee: So those were thieves? Well if they want my things, lets give it to them. I can always buy others.

Nazaru: Ty Lee. Look at my hand (Ty Lee does so, and Nazaru flicks Ty Lee hard on the forehead) How dare you give up what is your's? You are the queen of the Shadow Realm! By giving in to submission, you make your kingdom appear weak! You should break those who would dare steal from, gouge their eyes out, flay them, make them beg like pathetic maggots, and then crush them until their fine powder!

(Ty Lee cowers in fear of what Nazaru suggests)

Ty Lee: I'm sorry. I can't do something like that.

Nazaru: (Sighs) Yes. I forget you're rather soft hearted. We can't let them continue to repeat this. And since you're not willing to kill them. You'll just have to beat them so they won't be able to do so. You can use your chi blocking skills you've told me about. And I'll teach you magic technique to detect them before they make their move.

Ty Lee: Really? How?

Nazaru: It's a simple Shadow Dweller technique. You would sense the evil intent of another person and strike before it comes to pass. Close your eyes and concentrate. You should see a spark when it is working. (Ty Lee closes her eyes and tries to focus, suddenly she starts to smell the fragrance of flowers, making Nazaru slap Ty Lee on a big rear with one of his tendrils) That happened because you didn't concentrate.

Ty Lee: (Rubs her butt) You didn't have to hit me.

(Nazaru hits her again multiple times, with one of them causing Ty Lee to fart)

Nazaru: No talking back. Now focus.

Ty Lee: Ok. (Ty Lee focuses and suddenly sees 2 white sparks right behind her) There! (Ty Lee leaps over to the thieves and uses her chi blocking moves to disable them) Nazi Pooh, I did it!

Nazaru: Well done, Ty Lee. Continue practicing this new skill. Eventually it'll be instinctual in use. (Opens a portal to the Shadow Realm) Now I think it's time we returned home. And don't forget what you promised me.

Ty Lee: I didn't.

(Nazaru and Ty Lee return to the Shadow Realm and are greeted, by Nazaru's younger sister, Verona, and Ty Lee heads back to the palace)

Nazaru: Ty Lee certainly gave me an unexpectedly fascinating day. However there is one matter to take care of. Verona, there are 2 mortal thieves nearby the portal. I'll be too engaged to see to it. I want you to torture them and have them executed. How you do it is up to you.

Verona: With pleasure, dear brother.

(Nazaru proceeds to the bedroom to a half naked Ty Lee and begins to make love with her)

Nazaru's Thoughts on Star Wars 7: Force Awakens

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 29, 2015, 4:14 PM

Friend: Hey Nazaru did you see Star Wars Episode 7 Force Awakens?

Nazaru: Yes.

Friend: Did you like it?

Nazaru: Nope.

Friend: What? Why not?

Nazaru: The movie was a rehash of episode 4, there were multiple plotholes, Rey was a Mary Sue, Kylo Ren was emo and prone to a temper tantrum, and the final fight filled me with absolute apathy.

And cue the flame war.

thumb149943406:Verona Stamp by DarkFacedStrangerLydia FTW by Tsaalyo:thumb270696094:Christian but not insane by Lizzie-DoodleI Love My PS3 Stamp by angelslainDark Brotherhood - Gabriella Stamp by VirulentRequiem<da:thumb id="469350614"/>


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